Why you should definitely get a wedding album

Why Have a Wedding Album?

Imagine that it’s your anniversary, and you’re thinking back to your wedding day. You snuggle up with your dearest, open an elegant storybook that holds photographs of your favorite moments, and relive the memories of the happiest day of your life.

Now imagine that reminiscing taking place in front of a computer screen or holding your smart phone. Not quite so romantic, is it?

There’s something that’s simply irreplaceable about having the story of your wedding day played out on the pages of a book. I feel strongly that wedding photos shouldn’t be restricted to living online or stored as digital files on a USB drive somewhere. Not when you can have a solid, storybook wedding album that you can display now and then pass on to future generations.

Proudly Presenting Your Story

When you order a wedding album, you’ll receive a priceless collection of memories displayed to their full advantage. Once you have reviewed your wedding photographs and chosen your favorite images, I will design an album that’s uniquely tailored to tell your story in a classic and timeless manner. You’ll be able to preview a preliminary draft of your album so you can approve the design, and then it will be brought to life with the exceptional craftsmanship and materials that your unique story deserves. Most wedding albums are ready to be delivered within 12 weeks, and you’ll receive a polished wedding album with beautiful pages filled with the priceless moments of the happiest day of your life.

When all is said and done, nothing can quite replace that happy storybook feeling that comes with having a solid wedding album that you can hold in your hands. Remembering your story deserves that special feeling.


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