Queensberry Matted Albums

Every time we photograph a wedding, we approach it with the wedding album in mind.  Our goal is always to tell your story in the most creative way possible and we love to showcase that in our albums!

We offer our clients a few different types of albums (modern and traditional) but today I want to showcase one of my favorites from Queensberry.  They create some of the highest quality books in the world!  If I ever get around to designing the album from my wedding, they will definitely be making it.  We delivered this album to a client last week and she was so thrilled when she saw it for the first time.  Jamie wanted something a little more traditional for her album so she chose create a matted album with gold colored base pages underneath.  The texture of the matted pages is incredible!

These pictures really don’t do it justice.  You really have to see and feel these albums in person to realize how breathtaking they are!  You’re welcome to come by the studio and check them out anytime!





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