5 Reasons You Should Get Engagement Photos

If you’re engaged but uncertain about whether or not you should get engagement photos, you’re not alone. Here are five things to consider if you’re still on the fence about getting engagement photos.

Personalized Wedding Invitations

One of the most common reasons why couples choose to have an engagement shoot is because it provides beautiful photos to use for their wedding announcement. For many couples, their engagement photos will be the first professional photos of them together, making them especially important for personalized wedding invitations. .

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Picture-Perfect Wedding Announcement

If you’ll be announcing your engagement in your local paper, engagement photos are a wonderful opportunity to make your announcement really stand out.

Get to Know Your Photographer

More likely than not, the photographer you choose for your engagement session will be the photographer you choose for your wedding. This adds another level of value to having an engagement session, because it gives you a chance to get comfortable working with your photographer before the wedding day stress. Also, many wedding photographers offer discounts on engagement sessions when you book your wedding with them, so using the same photographer will both save you money and give your photos a consistent look.

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Learn Your Photo Preferences

After your engagement photos are done, you can see how you and your fiancé look together and learn what poses/angles/etc you prefer and which ones you want to avoid. This is a good opportunity to communicate with your wedding photographer and point out which photos you love! This way, when your wedding day comes around, your photographer will know exactly how to create the perfect images for you.

Remember This Moment

Whether you have a short engagement or a long one, this is an important time in both of your lives. This is the moment when you really fell in love and decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Even though it may be a somewhat brief sliver of time, your engagement is still packed with emotion and meaning, and it deserves to be preserved for the years to come.

Regardless of whether you choose to have engagement photos taken or not, being engaged is an exciting and romantic time you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you and your fiancĂ© enjoy every minute of it!

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