4 Reasons Why Rehearsal Dinner Photography is a Hot New Trend

When most people think of wedding photography, the rehearsal dinner doesn’t even cross their mind. They’re so focused on the big day that they forget how many special moments happen in the days leading up to it. 

Recently, though, more brides and grooms are requesting rehearsal dinner photography as part of their wedding package. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Your rehearsal dinner is often the first time during your wedding week that all your closest friends and family are together in one room. Everyone is filled with joy and anticipation and the energy is palpable. 

There are many benefits that come from inviting your photographer to share in this special evening. Here are four of the most important reasons why rehearsal dinner photography is one of the hottest new wedding trends.  

Precious Moments: The Beauty of Candid Photography

While you’re busy mingling with family and friends, your photographer will be on the sidelines, watching for intimate moments and taking candid shots.

You might not get to see the look on someone’s face when they see your best friend’s baby for the first time or the warm embrace between long-lost cousins, but your photographer will! These photographs will help you capture every important moment and create memories you’ll cherish forever. 

Capture Laughter and Tears During Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

Many couples are now choosing to open the floor for speeches during the rehearsal dinner instead of at the wedding reception. Having a photographer on hand will give you the chance to capture the laughter and tears that happen during these personal and moving speeches. The photos will help you always remember the heartfelt words your friends and family shared. 

Improve Your Wedding Day Photography with VIP Introductions

Introducing your photographer to your most important family members and friends during the rehearsal dinner will help them know where to focus their attention on your wedding day. It’s usually not hard to pick out the major players, but this extra step will help ensure you get the very best results. 

When family and friends have already met the photographer, they’re also likely to feel far more comfortable. When it’s time for your wedding day portraits, everyone will look more natural and relaxed. 

Create Lasting Memories with Informal Group Portraits

While your wedding day portraits will usually feature your immediate family members and the wedding party, your rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to capture informal portraits that include extended family members and close friends.

Ask your photographer to take some family portraits featuring multiple generations, gather up all the cousins for a candid shot, or bring together your old college buddies for a group photo. The possibilities are literally endless! This may be one of the last times all of these groups are together, so why not make the most of it? 

Learn More About the Benefits of Rehearsal Dinner Photography

Are you still on the fence about whether rehearsal dinner photography is right for you? Contact me to discuss it in further detail! Together we can review your goals and budget and create your ideal wedding photography package. 


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