Don’t Let Pinterest Shot Lists Get in the Way of Capturing Candid Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be perfect. If you’re like most brides, you’ve planned out every detail. From the flowers and the food to the seating arrangements, playlists, and even your Instagram hashtags, you’ve covered just about everything. 

Attention to detail will help ensure that things go smoothly on your big day, but you’ll also want to leave some room to relax and enjoy the moment. This is particularly true when it comes to your wedding photos. 

The Peril of the Pinterest Shot List

Although Pinterest is an excellent source for some of the best wedding ideas, trying too hard to make your day match these perfect images can hinder the beauty of your unique wedding.

Brides and their families often come to their photographer with a list of shots that they want to replicate during their wedding. While there’s nothing wrong with this, you’ll want to take care not to overdo it. If your photographer is too bogged down with a specific list of predetermined photos, it cuts down on creativity and you’re likely to miss out on candid wedding photography some of the truly memorable moments.

Capturing the Magic with Candid Wedding Photography

While posed photos are great for hanging on your wall and creating gorgeous albums, the photos you’re most likely to really cherish are the ones that capture the emotion of the day.

With too much focus on posed images, your photographer might not be able to capture the mother of the bride dabbing away her tears, little Billy tearing it up on the dance floor, or your grandparents enjoying the wedding toast. Candid images allow you to hold onto the memory of what the day was really like. These often become the bride and groom’s favorite images. 

Relax and Leave It to the Pros 

Hiring a photographer you can trust will help you relax and enjoy your day. Feel free to share your ideas and “must have” shot lists, but remember that photography is an art. Giving your photographer the leeway to use some creativity will often create a final result that’s far better than you could have imagined. 


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