8 Tips for a Great First Look

A first look is the first time that a couple gets to see each other as a bride and groom. While traditionally this moment has been saved for the ceremony itself, more and more couples are choosing to have a moment just for themselves right before the ceremony. If you’re interested in how you can make your first look as memorable as possible, here are eight tips to help.

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Quiet Location

The best first look is a moment that is about the couple and the couple only. Talk with your photographer about choosing a private area, free of distractions.

Be Yourselves

Let your personalities guide your first look. If you’re always in the spotlight, feel free to make it as big of a moment as you like. If you’re more private, keep it low key. Like everything else about your wedding, it’s all about you!

Skip Staging

For the best results, avoid overly staging your first look photos. Plan the location and let the photographer direct as needed, but try to keep the moment spontaneous and exciting.

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Hands Free

Fumbling with a purse or bouquet can easily distract from the moment, so leave your belongings with a trusted friend or family member and keep your hands free for holding each other.

Bring Tissues

It’s not uncommon for a few tears to be shed during this emotional moment, so be prepared with tissues.

Plan for Touch-Ups

This goes in line with bringing tissues. Hugs and kisses can easily smear makeup or mess up hair. Give yourself time between the first look and the ceremony for touch ups.

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No Peeking

If you love the idea of the first look but want to stay traditional, talk to your photographer about ways to do both. Blindfolds or having the groom cover his eyes are both ways to be together without the bride being seen before the ceremony.

Enjoy the Moment

It may sound strange, but to have the greatest first look photos, try to forget the photographer is even there. This is a once in a lifetime moment, so enjoy it. Spend quiet time together enjoying each other’s company, and the photos will come naturally.

Whether you choose to save your first look for the ceremony or have a private moment for just the two of you, don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful moment together.

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