8 Best places to take pictures in houston

One of the best things about planning your engagement photos is deciding on the style and location. There are many beautiful options in the Houston area, so you’re sure to find a spot that perfectly reflects your personality as a couple. If you’re wondering about the best places to take pictures in Houston, you’re in the right place!

As a professional photographer, I’ve visited all of the most popular engagement photo locations in the area — and a few you probably haven’t even thought of! Here are eight of my favorites.

1. Hermann Park / Houston Zoo

Not only is Hermann Park a super convenient location for many couples, but it’s also a fun and relaxing spot for a photoshoot. There are many gorgeous backdrops here, including cherry trees and a reflection pond. Even better, the Houston Zoo is close by, so you can easily get photos in both locations in a single day.

2. The Menil Collection

The area outside of the Menil Collection is definitely one of the best places to take pictures in Houston. The park features a wide variety of old, large trees and interesting architecture. This creates the perfect background for engagement photos. The area is also relatively quiet, which will give you enough privacy to relax and get comfortable. 

3. Sesquicentennial Park

I love shooting at Sesquicentennial Park, mostly because it offers such an interesting contrast between natural and urban backdrops. This leaves a lot of room to get creative and capture unique shots. Want some inspiration? Take a look at this gallery from one of my recent photoshoots. 

4. Eleanor Tinsley Park / The Dunlavy

Eleanor Tinsley Park is located along the Buffalo Bayou. Here you’ll find an array of backdrops including lush trees, sloping hills, and, of course, the stunning downtown skyline.

The proximity to The Dunlavy offers even more exciting photo opportunities. There are a few great spots indoors, but most of the best locations are outside. Between the two spots, there are enough interesting options to please any couple.

5. Rice University

Ask any professional photographer about the best places to take pictures in Houston, and you can be sure that Rice University will be on the list. There’s so much to love about this charming and beautiful setting! The greenery and architecture create a beautiful background that will have you feeling more like you’re in Europe than Houston. 

If Rice University is your ama mater or you met the love of your life there, then this location becomes even more special! Take a look at of some of the beautiful engagement photos we can capture here.

6. Galveston Island

Located just 50 miles southeast of Houston, Galveston Island is a great engagement photo location for couples who love a laid-back beachy vibe. Some of the best options on the island include Beachtown, the East End Historic District (including Darragh Park), Pleasure Pier, Kempner Park, Moody Gardens, and Sangerfest Park. The possibilities here are virtually endless and are limited only by your imagination. 

7. Market Square

The vibrant mural at Market Square has made it one of the area’s most popular engagement photo locations. Once you get your photos there, you’ll want to walk over to Market Square Park. You’ll want to get photos near the beautiful water fountain and the flowering trees in Lauren’s Garden. You can also creatively incorporate some of the park’s cool public art installations. 

8. Heights Mercantile

Rounding out our list of the best places to take pictures in Houston, is Heights Mercantile. This urban market district offers so many different colors and textures, it’s a photographer’s dream come true! If you’re looking for creative and unforgettable engagement photos, you’ll want to consider this location. 

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You want your engagement photos to be a memorable experience, and choosing the perfect location is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Whether one of these suggestions appeals to you or you want to keep looking, I can help! Contact me today to discuss your vision. Together, we can make them a reality. 


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