10 Wedding Party Photos You Should Take on Your Wedding Day!

No matter how hard you try to soak in every moment, your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. Capturing amazing wedding party photos allows you to preserve these precious memories so you can cherish them forever.

While the bride and groom are certainly the stars of the show, when planning your wedding photos, it’s important not to forget about your wedding party. After all, these are the special people you’ve chosen to stand up next to you on your big day.

When it comes to wedding party photos, formal poses and candid shots are both important. Since you’re often on a time crunch and trying to wrangle many people at once, it’s a great idea to have some poses in mind before your wedding day. Here are a few of our favorites.  

This post is all about wedding part photos you should take on your wedding day.


1. The Classic Shot

Every wedding album should include at least one “classic” shot with the bride and groom in the middle and the wedding party on either side. This pose is ideal for framing and hanging in your home. Prints of classic shots also make excellent gifts for your immediate family. 

Just because you’re in a classic pose, don’t feel like it needs to be stuffy. Ask your photographer to capture a few formal shots, then let loose, have some laughs, and enjoy a candid version of the same pose. 

2. Adoring Bridesmaids

There are few things more heartwarming than the friendship and love between a bride and her bridesmaids. Having all the bridesmaids gaze adoringly at the bride will capture the warm feelings of the day.

While in this pose, feel free to have some conversation. The bridesmaids’ facial expressions and the bride’s reactions to their comments will result in some of the day’s most memorable images.

3. Mix it Up

While the symmetry of having bridesmaids on one side of the couple and groomsmen on the other is certainly pleasing, it’s also fun to mix things up. Start with the bride and groom in the middle, then alternate bridesmaids and groomsmen on either side. The color contrast and pattern of this unique shot will create additional visual interest.

4. The Friendship Photo

Each member of your wedding party has been a special part of your life well before your wedding day. Let their true personalities shine through by capturing some shots with everyone posing as they would for a normal group photo.

This fun, relaxed pose is the perfect contrast to the formal setting. While it may feel a bit strange, these often end up being some of the bride and groom’s favorite photos. 

5. Candid Moments

Speaking of fun, candid shots are another great way to capture your wedding party’s unique personality. Photos where everyone is being themselves and chatting naturally are often the most memorable. They also make great keepsakes for your wedding party.

6. The Album Cover

Want some fun, silly wedding party photos that are sure to make you smile? Have your entire wedding party strike some poses as if they’re on an album cover. Whether you’re into smooth jazz, pop, or hip hop, your wedding party is sure to have a blast replicating their favorite artist’s covers.

7. At the Altar Wedding Party Photos

There are few things more beautiful than the symmetry and symbolism of having the entire wedding party lined up next to the bride and groom in front of the alter. That’s why this has been one of the most popular wedding party photos for decades. You can be sure your photographer will want to capture at least a few of these shots – and you’ll be glad they did.

8. The Grand Exit

Typically, your wedding party and immediate family are the first ones waiting for you as you exit your ceremony. This blissful moment creates the perfect wedding party photo! There’s very little planning required and it will result in some amazing images. 

9. The Wedding Party Walk

The natural movement of walking brings out the elegance of your wedding party’s formal wear. Having them chat and laugh as they walk also creates an interesting blend of casual and classy.

You won’t have to walk far – after all, the ladies will likely be wearing heels. Your photographer can simply get in front of the bridal party and snap some shots as you walk a few paces.  

10. A Shared Cheers

After you’ve captured all your formal wedding party photos, it’s time to take a break! By then, your bridesmaids and groomsmen will surely be looking forward to the party. So catch some final shots of them in their natural element.

Whether you do a round of shots, toast with your favorite beverages, or start dancing to your favorite tunes, these photos will surely bring out everyone’s personalities in full force.  

Have Fun with Your Wedding Party Photos!

It’s always great to have a plan when it comes to your wedding party photos. Just make sure you don’t worry too much about hitting every pose. It’s far more important to have fun and enjoy the day.

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