The Astorian Houston Open House

I was beyond honored to participate in the recent open house event held at the Astorian Houston. The affair gave brides and event planners an inside look into this stunning venue. It also gave them access to all of the exclusive vendors needed to create the wedding of their dreams.

The Astorian Houston has been creating a buzz among brides for years, and with good reason. This industrial-chic private loft space, located in a historic landmark building, is designed to resemble New York City’s Central Station. It’s a modern-yet-classic space that features a glamorous 1920s art-deco design. It also has a variety of gorgeous backdrops and spectacular views of the Houston skyline. Not to mention, the kind of lighting every photographer dreams of. 

The open house event did an incredible job of showing exactly what the venue is capable of. It also provided plenty of inspiration for creating an unforgettable wedding. From an over-the-top affair to a subdued and sophisticated soiree, the Astorian Houston makes it easy to achieve nearly any type of event you can envision. 

The Astorian Houston Showcasing Houston’s Best Wedding Vendors

While choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions a newly engaged couple can make, the professionals at the Astorian Houston know it doesn’t end there. To create a truly memorable experience you also need to choose the right vendors. From food and libations to lighting, music, and entertainment every decision matters. The venue invited vendors they believed to be the best of the best and gave them the opportunity to showcase their many talents.

The open house included samples of hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails. Couples also had the opportunity for meet-and-greets with the venue’s experienced staff and selected vendors. This format gave engaged couples the ideal platform to begin planning the wedding of their dreams. 

Dinner, Drinks, and Desserts

City Kitchen Catering was on-site with a glimpse into just a few the many amazing things they can do with food. They offered a variety of tastings, from dessert shooters and hand-held bites to a variety of other incredible foods. Their outside-the-box presentations clearly demonstrated their belief that when it comes to events, it’s about more than food — it’s about the experience. 

Speaking of unique experiences, Freezing Point was also there with nitrogen-infused cocktails. These were just as delicious as they were attention-grabbing! Few things “wow” a guest like a delicious specialty drink billowing with a cloud of smoke. 

And, of course, you can’t have a stunning wedding without a gorgeous wedding cake. From a towering cake topped with pale pink flowers and gold filigree to a black and white geometric design and even a sports-themed groom’s cake “Who Made the Cake!” expertly showcased their many talents. 

Flowers, Lighting, and Design

The Astorian Houston is gorgeous on its own, but bringing in the best floral, lighting, and design pros help take the space to the next level. Blooming Gallery brought unique floral designs that went well beyond the traditional bridal bouquet. They showed that they’re not afraid to think outside the box and the results were breathtaking. From unconventional flowers to innovative design choices, the arrangements left couples speechless. 

Liquid N Lights presented their revolutionary service which created quite a buzz. They offer specially designed interactive art installations that you can drink! Each piece they create is custom-designed by Houston artist, Justin Garcia and can be made from alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience your guests won’t soon forget. 

To ensure your band or DJ looks and sounds great, you’ll also need a top-notch pro to handle your audio, video, lighting, and staging. 360 AV Design was on-site to demonstrate what a difference hiring the right pros can make. 

Music and Entertainment

One of the many things that make the Astorian Houston so great is that it’s spacious enough to accommodate a wide variety of entertainment options. There’s plenty of room for live music, as demonstrated by the rocking performance provided that night by In10City Band

Most couples begin planning the entertainment portion of their wedding by deciding whether they want a band or a DJ. However, it doesn’t stop there. In addition to a variety of musical performers, J & D Entertainment also brings a huge array of unique entertainment options. This includes circus performers, impersonators, living statues, stilt characters, and more.

One of the highlights of the event was the entertainers serving drinks from “wearable trays.” This was a definite hit! It also got couples thinking about some of the other great options they might include in their big day. 

Last, but certainly not least, Monkey Booth showed everyone just how much fun a well-done photo booth can add to a wedding or party environment. The guests had a great time getting silly with the props and they loved having souvenir photos to take home. 

Thank You to the Astorian Houston & All of the Vendors 

It was incredibly humbling to have the honor of being included in this open house event along with many of Houston’s best wedding vendors. If you’re currently looking for a wedding venue, I highly suggest you schedule a visit and see for yourself whether this is the perfect location for your dream wedding. 

The Astorian: 2500 Summer Street , Houston Tx. 77007


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