I had an incredible time capturing these images for Lyndsay and Thomas who will be tying the knot this August.  I loved the props they brought with them…so much fun!  Cindy from Blush & Co. took care of the hair and makeup.


Great! thanks for the share!

[…] Lyndsay and Thomas got married this past weekend at the Houstonian.  Now that the wedding has passed I’m excited that I can finally show off Lyndsay’s bridal session at Las Velas!  A special thanks to Marissa from Belle of the Ball for coming to help out, Cindy from Blush and Co for doing hair and make up and Wedding Flowers by Lisa for creating the beautiful bouquet. […]

These are GREAT photos; thanks so much for sharing them! You obviously had lots of fun doing the “shoot.” I hope we’ll get to see some of the wedding photos, too!

LOVE THEM! You guys look amazing! Too many wonderful shots to choose from….you’re going to need lots of picture frames to display these memorable photos!!

These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to go to the wedding! See you soon – congratulations!!! 🙂

I like the flutter fetti. And I agree with Dalton, Lyndsay looks way better than you. Now, if you would have shaved, it would be a close race. Great pictures!

Amazing pics! They really capture both personalities perfectly. Congrats you two!

Wow, what beautiful and fun photos, especially the kiss behind the hat! Looks like you had a blast during the photo shoot and have been blessed with such a great photographer. Congrats!

The pictures are great….so fun…Lindsay, looks like you have met your match…congrats to the photographer for capturing it so creatively!

These are beautiful photos!! We are so happy for both of you!!!

Great pictures!!!

Amazing pictures!!!! Thank you for sharing- they are so fun, and you guys look great!! xoxo

Thomas, I’m on your side for most everything in life, but Lyndsay looks much better than you do in all of these pictures, except for the bowtie pictures! Joking aside, they all look amazing! Kudos to the photographer!

Love these photos! Very sweet and happy.

These are great!!!!!

Grandma Donnie Owen

Three Clicks!

Love the pictures Lyndsay, you look beautiful!! I can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you!!

Look at that good looking couple! Congrats!

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful couple! Great pics. Love to you and your family. Carla and Richard

These are wonderful pictures, you both look so happy!!! Lyndsay welcome to our family we all look forward to spending more time with you.
Love, Aunt Marty

These are so unique and creative, absolutely gorgeous.

I LOVE THESE PICS!!!! They capture both of your personalities so well 🙂 LOVE YOU SIS AND FUTURE BROTHER IN LAW!!!!!

These look beautiful! Can’t wait for the big day!!!

Ok, I dont know what else to say except FREAKING AWESOME here’s why..bow cofetti.tickle thomas pic.sit in my lap in the feild. love that white dress need to see it in person. plus the new boots. your hair is freakin rockin my world. trods smile when ur whispering sweet nothings in his ear. amazing louisiana style tree back to the roots girlfriend. cowboy hat kiss. NUF said! i’ll have them all in a 8×10 please! love you two!

i love them, they turned out so good!

Good looking pics cousin.

All gorgeous – but then again, so are you and Thomas! Looks like you had a blast shooting them. Can’t wait to see you!! xoxoxo

Aunt Maria and Uncle Ray

Thomas and Lindsay What wonderful pictures True love shines through Thomas you do us proud Welcome to the family Lindsay
Love you both

Great pictures!

Gorgeous pictures! Congratulations!

This sweet couple has been captured beautifully!

Twenty-six years ago I was welcomed into the Rodriguez Family when Marty married me. Thomas was our ring-bearer, and although only 2 years old, he did an outstanding job. I will never forget his expression and big eyes when he handed Marty’s wedding ring to me! I know he will be a wonderful husband for you.


Your(work)pictures reflect the true beauty of this playful, loving couple. You placed the biggest and proudest smile on a mothers face. Thank you!

These pictures are amazing!!! I loved them all. Can’t wait for the wedding!

These are fantastic photos. Congrats to both of you even tho I don’t personally know you, but Lori does.

Natalie Rodriguez

Absolutely beautiful photos of a handsome and loving couple. Everyone is so happy for you two.

Simply so pretty!
Love the fence one where you’re holding hands.
Really pretty composition.

Beautiful photos to remember a very special moment in your lives.

Great photos of a great looking couple!

Sara and Ryon Vestal

Beautiful! Such an exciting time in life! Enjoy every minute.

What great pictures!! You’ll love looking back on them!

You did a great job Akil. We had a great time spending the afternoon with you. You do awesome work. Looking forward to the pics to come at the wedding.

Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!!! These pictures are perfect!!!! You two lovebirds look amazing!! Great job Akil!! So sweet! So much love and so much happiness, love them!!

I love the pictures!!!!!!! Cute couple!!!!!!!!

These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Awesome job! 🙂

LOVE the pics! Can’t wait til the wedding!!

Those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the one where your cowboy is stealing a kiss behind the hat! Congratulations 🙂

I love the pictures they are gorgeous!Beautiful couple

Beautiful pictures guys! Congratulations!!!

Great Pictures!!!!!!

These are great! love the ones with you in the cowgirl boots lyndsay! can’t wait for the wedding!!!

Super cute. Too many good ones to decide 🙂 k bye!

How cute! Your pictures turned out awesome even with the weather scare! Congratulations to both of you!

You two look amazing! Great pics!

OMG! Adorable! Yall are so cute! LOL. POMS! Cant wait to see yall again! Go TECH! Trod, you are so lovable, LP is a very fortunate woman.

Beautiful!! I love them!! 🙂

nice pics! ready to tear up the dance floor

Awesome photos! Y’all will have beautiful babies 😉

Took me forever to figure out how to do a post. These are awesome pictures.

These pictures are awesome and choice of location is so good. Good job.

Wow! Beautiful couple and looks like they were having fun too!

Great pictures of sweet and happy couple!!! Congratulations!!!

Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple! Looks like fun! AOE

What’s the deal with the bow ties? Great pics! Wreck ’em!

LOOOOVE the making it rain Tech style 🙂

These are great pics and even greater looking couple!

Great pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast taking them.

Aunt Bubbles GMOB

Have you guys ever taken a bad photo? You always look so happy. What a handsome couple! 🙂

these pictures are just wonderful. great job!

Amazing pictures!! Such a sweet and happy couple!

Great pictures! Looks like they had a good time with the shoot. May their lives together be as beautiful as the pictures.

fabulous photos of this beautiful couple – can’t wait to see the rest & can’t wait for the party in aug!!!

LOVE these pictures!!!! Cutest couple ever!

Great pics!!! Love the face T-Rod!

Happy couple, BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Fantastic pics! Great couple!

Great pictures, of course you had great subjects to work with!

Sweet pictures. Can’t afford not to like those…

Those are amazing photos and can’t wait to see them all!!!!


LOVE the pics!!! Especially the one with the cowboy hat while you two are kissing. The pics are as beautiful as the couple!

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! We had such a fun time shooting these with you!!!

Belinda Calvillo

Working with Thomas i’ve never seen this side of him, looks like they had a great time taking these awesome pics! What a great couple, you guys look really happy and what a beautiful bride Lyndsay is going to be. Congratulations!

I LOVE THEM!!!!! We had such a fun time shooting these!!!

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