Twice as Nice: 5 Signs You Need Two Wedding Photographers

Are you wondering whether it’s a good idea to hire two wedding photographers for your big day? While this trend is becoming more popular, many couples I meet with ask me whether it’s really necessary. 

The answer is… it depends. If the money for a second photographer definitely isn’t in your budget or you’re planning a small event, then you certainly can do fine with just one. In almost all cases, however, hiring two wedding photographers will bring you results that are twice as nice. 

Still not sure whether it’s worth it for you? Check out these five signs you need to consider hiring a second wedding photographer.  

1. You Have a High Guest Count

If your guest list tops out at 350 or higher, you’ll definitely want to add a second photographer to your budget. With that many people in attendance, even the best wedding photographer will have a hard time giving you complete coverage. With two sets of cameras working the crowd, you’ll have a much better chance of catching all important moments. 

2. You Want Pre-Wedding Photos of the Bride and Groom

It’s impossible for your photographer to be in two places at once. If the bride and groom are getting ready to two separate locations and you want photos of the preparations, having two wedding photographers will make things much easier. 

If a second photographer truly isn’t in the cards for you, you could stagger your prep times. Remember, however, that doing this will add some extra waiting time to your day. The longer the wedding party has to wait to head out the door, the greater the chances that someone could spill, sweat, or need a retouch. 

3. The Ceremony and Reception Are in Two Different Locations

When the ceremony and reception are in two different locations, a second photographer can sneak out of the ceremony early to get a jump start on the reception photos. This will allow them to get photos of the tables and set-up before people start to arrive and put their things down.

They’ll also be able to capture photos of the guests as they arrive and get group shots of your guests while your other photographer is busy taking the wedding party’s formal portraits. 

4. You Want to Take Advantage of Multiple Perspectives

Photography is an art, and each professional you hire will have a different perspective and style. By working together, one photographer can choose to focus on the little details while the other captures the big picture. 

At the end of the day, you’ll have twice as many images to choose from, giving you the opportunity to create a beautifully diverse wedding album.

5. You’re Looking for Complete Wedding Coverage 

Having a second photographer on hand helps ensure that nothing is missed. During your wedding and your reception, there will be many things happening at every moment.

When two photographers work together, they can capture images that show both sides of the story. For example, one photographer can take stunning images of your first dance, while the other will have the freedom to focus on your guests’ reactions as they watch. 

If you want truly complete wedding coverage, you’ll really want to consider adding a second wedding photographer to your plans. 

Not Sure if You Need Two Wedding Photographers? I Can Help! 

Choosing the right wedding photography package is one of the most important parts of planning your big day. You shouldn’t feel like you have to do it alone!

Contact me today to schedule a consultation. I’ll answer all your questions and help you review your options. Together, we’ll make sure you get the exact right coverage for your wedding day. 


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