My Story

Photo by Jose Villa

While I can’t wait to begin photographing your story, first I’ll tell you a little bit about mine…

My story as a photographer actually starts right here in Houston Texas. I majored in Film Production at the University of Houston and quickly discovered that I could practice and explore the world of visual storytelling through my photography. It wasn’t long after graduating that I started to shoot wedding photography in the Houston area, and I quickly became addicted to the way that I could use the principles of storytelling in my photography. I love looking for all of the tiny little details that make every moment so special and remarkable, creating photographs that are rich with emotion.

I have definitely found my passion in wedding photography and other types of photography, and I’ve already been blessed with so many beautiful wedding stories to tell. I love being able to truly connect with the people I photograph. Working closely with my clients allows me to highlight the little things that make each individual unique and really show their personality. My photography allows me to do what I love best, and I try to show that passion in each and every beautiful photograph for my clients to share with their loved ones.

While I spend a lot of time on photographing the many stories that Houston has to offer, I do occasionally let my camera have a chance to recharge. I’m usually spending time with my growing family whenever I’m not working, enjoying the beauty of watching our own story as it unfolds.